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10 book ideas and recommendations to get boy tweens to read … and love it!


Q: ” I need some advice on good books for an 11 year-old boy to read. His teacher says the “Middle School” series are too easy. And those are the books that he does love. . He isn’t a Harry Potter fan. So any recommendations would be appreciated. And thoughts on Hunger Games for that age?”

A: ” What about Percy Jackson? Rick Riordan is a fantastic author – his English language use is stunning and great vocabulary. My 11 year old second language twins are busy with them – and I have read the first one myself. My 14 year-old has read most of his other series as well. Adventure, Greek mythology en very accessible for boys and girls.”

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer was a firm favourite with my reluctant reader.” One reviewer said ” “Sort of like James Bond, Encyclopaedia Brown, and Grimms all rolled up in one. Highly entertaining.” My kid agrees!

” Stand out books for my son have been Freak the Mighty and Holes and the Summoner series (though that is a bit Harry Potterish). Also enjoyed the Daniel X, Alex Rider and Elementia series’.”

Bear Grylls has a series of page turner adventure books which are great for young adventurers.”

” I asked my teenage boy what he enjoyed when he was a tween and he remembers loving“How to train your dragon” by Cressida Cowell. If kids get into it, there are 12 books in the series.”

Holes and Small Steps by Louis Sachar. Varjak Paw by SF Said. All and any of Roald Dahl’s books.”

” Michael Morpurgo books are incredible!! I love them too…so well written! Elephant in the Garden, The Butterfly and the Lion, Adolphus Tips, Running Wild, Kensuke’s Kingdom, King of the Cloud Forest, Why The Whales Came.… just for starters.”

” My 11 year old son is LOVING Terry Pratchett … all The Discworld books. Comic fantasy book series based on a planet balanced on the back of elephants on the back of a turtle. ”

” Try Chris Grabenstein’s Mr Lemoncello’s Library, Alfie Bloom series by Gabrielle Kent and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart …. My son loved these!”

” My son has absolutely loved the Septimus Heap series, by Angie Sage. (The first book is called Magyk).”

” What about Philip Pullman’s series? His Dark Materials is a cool 3-book trilogy:  Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass – His Dark Materials is an epic trilogy of fantasy novels by Sir Philip Pullman consisting of Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. It follows the coming of age of two children, Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, as they wander through a series of parallel universes.”

” If they enjoy sport, Jeremey Daniels has written about local sports heroes like Hashim Amal, AB de Villiers, Chad le Clos. My 11 year-old loves them.”

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