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10 solutions for teenage body odour.


Q: “My 13 year old daughter feels the heat very badly and sweats profusely. It’s as if her body temperature is a few notches above the average. This embarrassingly causes a problem of bad body odour. It seeps into her clothes. Apart from more frequent showers, deodorant and perfume, any tips to deal with this problem?”

A: ” I think excessive sweating is called Hyperhidrosis. And I would imagine that teenage hormones make it much worse. plus poor kids don’t really know how to manage the challenges their bodies throw at them. I watched a terrible TV UK program once called the Spa of Embarrassing Bodies, where they suggested Botox for all the sweat glands … hands and feet as well, and that really seemed to work well.”

But …  ” Please don’t do Botox!! She might have a condition called hyperhidrosis. And while Botox is given as a possible remedy it’s expensive and painful and doesn’t last. And avoid the op at all costs. Look into Iontophoresis treatment. Here’s a website:

” I have the same problem and use Drichlor. Expensive ( R120/R150 price range and not to be used every evening.) and burns a bit but helps sooooo much. Well worth a try before Botox.”

” Crystal Fresh deodorant ( I bought it at The Wellness Warehouse,) has been an absolute game changer with my teenage son when it comes to body odour. It’s brilliant. No more smells.”

” I have the same problem so use perspirex – apply every 2nd day.(needs to let it dry completely before putting on clothes – and NOT after shaving 😱😱😱) also when she showers, try not to have hot hot showers, last part of shower, rinse as cold as weather will allow (not uncomfortably cold)…leave all the windows open so bathroom doesn’t get steamy.On the alternate day, some Nivea 48hr clear roll on…”

” Definitely hormonal. Also helps to have shaved armpits (hair holds the smelly bacteria) change bras everyday and wash or soak immediately in lukewarm soapy water. Clean, laundered tops every day. It also helps to wipe armpits with anti bacterial wipes in between through the the day. This too shall pass………”

” Try bicarb… it absorbs smells. You can put a bit under her arms, in shoes etc. It is amazing.”

Himalayan rock salt deo stick from health shop. Must wet it before applying. My daughter uses it and has not had that problem since. (And it lasts! She’s had the same stick for 2 years now.)”

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