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ANONYMOUS POST: How do I discipline a child who is not my own?

” I live with my 13 year-old niece. I give her the same love and treatment as I do my other, biological kids. My nightmare comes to how do I discipline her? I am scared that if I treat her the same way I would my younger kids, I could be labeled the evil aunt. She constantly lies, about everything , even obvious things. She could say she didn’t eat my chocolate when there’s traces of it on her mouth. At times, she will literally not greet me, but greet her uncle. (She’s a niece from my husband’s side) She recently got her phone taken away by her uncle because she was talking to her boyfriend at night and my 6 year-old told her brothers and her about it. She then took my son’s phone, went with it to school and when asked where the phone , she denied taking it. My instinct just told me she had it. After lots of questions , she eventually told me where she hid it – in my 6 year-old’s closet. I am honestly tired and don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like I am seeing her disappearing to this world that I don’t want her to into but I feel there’s little I can do. Have tried therapy, talking her and even telling her that if she makes a mistake, it’s okay. But let’s be honest and nothing helps. Have even tried prayer. Now I am lost for ideas. I feel I am failing her as a mother and now I am even terrified about whether I can raise teens. Villagers- please help!”

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