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Do ANY fashion brands care what tween boys wear?


Q ” Oof. Have just spent 3 hours walking Canal Walk flat, shopping for my 12 year-old son. Who knew tween boys would be twice as fussy, 3 times more brand conscious and take 4 longer to change than their teenaged sisters?! I would have stopped for a tequila halfway to dull the agony, if I hadn’t had to drive him home at the end….

There is so little choice for this age group as it is – anyone got recommendations outside the predictable Woolies, Cotton On, H&M, Edgars, Mr Price etc? They all seem to expect boys to go from kid’s size 10 to an adult small overnight.”

A: ” Ackermans is really the only store that caters for this age group.”

” We got some stuff at Traders Warehouse in Cavendish. They do end of line stuff from all the retailers at much lower prices. It’s a bit of luck re boys stuff.”

” Soda Bloc is great for that age group, on the Game side of Canal Walk”

” Basic jeans and plain cotton t-shirts at H&M and then I do the sports brands at Edgar’s or Sportsman’s Warehouse and surf shops. The items are more pricy but they don’t need a lot so don’t mind paying a bit more for a few quality items.”

Zara Boys was a hit with my son up until about 13 – he was on the small side.”

” My son (now nearly 14) loves all the surf brands. For the last couple of years we’ve been frequenting (most when they have sales) Hurley stores. And then our local surf store. When they don’t have sales, MRP is our best option which caters up to 13yo”

” My son age 11 gets most of his clothes at Mr Price Sport.”

” The sale rails at YDE have some great bargains. And different to mainstream shops.”

Going Under Clothing in Brackenfell has great bargains. ”

Superbalist!!! I converted my boys and haven’t looked back. Best of all, you can say to your kids, “You can only shop from the sale section, and also … you don’t have to trail along, through those awful malls, in their slipstreams.”

” I use Pick n Pay clothing , however I find that you have to go right at the beginning of the season to get the variety and bigger sizes , so for example now would be a good time to go there and buy all his winter stuff . I have also found that size 15-16 years are bigger than men’s XS 😱 and cheaper too.”

” Try Access Park in Kenilworth. Many of the big names have outlets there, you can sometimes pick up a deal.”

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