The Tiny Room Mental Health Care

The Tiny Room Mental Health Care

Northern Suburbs Western Cape


Whether you are a teenager or adult who is severely overloaded, deeply dissatisfied with yourself, or dealing with several difficult situations. You are not alone. I am here for you at The Tiny Room. Not only to embrace you with unwavering love and acceptance, but also to genuinely help you with practical tools to thrive and not just survive. Our focus areas are, teenage therapy, trauma, grief, pre-marriage, separation/pre- or post-divorce, anxiety or stress, gender-based violence, suicidal ideation or self-harming, parent therapy, couple/relationship/marriage therapy.

Let me fill your ‘Living your Best Life’ tool kit. You are enough! You are worthy! You are seen, heard, and loved. Having an objective person walking a journey with you to a place of happiness is only an email away. Just take the first step by committing to the therapeutic process and book your first appointment to see if this is for you.

Well done for making your mental health a priority. You are brave and strong for taking the first step to living a happier and more meaningful life.

The Tiny Room mental health care practice (BHF no. 1013505) is linked to all medical aids. We have an affordable rate, in order to make quality and effective therapy accessible to as many people as possible.

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Featured Services: Teen-focused, grief/bereavement, relationship, trauma, pastoral, marriage prep, separation/pre- or post-divorce, anxiety or stress, depression, gender-based violence, suicide and self-harming, parent, Social Work and marriage therapy to individuals, couples, families, groups and communities


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