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Does anything work for stretch marks?


The Question:

“Between 2017 and now my son grew 30cm. Not only did this result in stress-fracture in his L4 and L3 (back) but also in really nasty stretch marks. This is so bad that kids have started commenting and asking if he we hit him? What do I do to help him with this?”


The Suggestions:

“ Bio-oil, rubbed on over the marks every day helps. I’m not sure if they would have faded anyway, or if the constant rubbing stimulated the skin to repair itself ( some doctors say this,) but after a year or so, they definitely faded.”


“My son’s were very bad…. also because of a growth spurt. It is now already starting to fade without using anything. He is almost 18.”


“ For the same reasons my daughter started using coconut oil, Deramstine Vit A&E cream and Scar repair gel. We have being doing this for two months now a minimum of twice a day and I can see a significant improvement. So we use one treatment mornings and different one evenings and coconut oil whenever she thinks to put it on. It takes a few months and you must do it daily but we are very excited with the results so far.”


“ Our dermatologist mixed something for my son as he also had bad stretch marks from a huge quick growth spurt. It has Retinol in it Vit E and Aqueous cream in it. The stretch marks turned from white to barely visible.”


“Buy Regim-A Scar repair forte. It’s the only product I’ve ever seen to help. It’s great with any scars.”


“ I have heard that massaging helps to by increasing blood circulation to the area – few minutes every day or 2 a day as long as he has time for. It won’t take them away but will help appearance.”


“ None of our bodies are perfect. We need to love them scars and stretch marks and all!”


“I had a massive growth spurt at age 12 and at the time was a little overweight so was left with stretch marks on my hips. Fast forward 25+ years and I have had them treated with three sessions of Fraxel laser. They have flattened and are lighter in colour. Huge improvement! There are cosmetic tattoo artists out there that can now match your striae with your skin tone to diffuse them.”


“Being a Skincare professional I am often confronted with this question.  I can HIGHLY recommend the combination of the Environ Dermalac Lotion and Vitamin A,C & E oil combo.  The lactic acidosis (derived from milk) gently works at slowly sloughing away the superficial dead skin cells and in so doing is refining the skin and helping to minimize those stretch marks. The oil helps to build and strengthen the skin. I have had massive success on several of my clients teenage daughters who have had growth spurts (thighs, breasts, buttocks areas).”


“ Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn body oil. Do NOT use any Petroleum based junk. And supplement with Tissue salts. I recommend only ALLISONE.”



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