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Great TV series to watch WITH your 10 year old boys

Q: ” Is there a good series that I can watch with my 10 year old son?”

A: ” The Durrells. This 6-part English series is based on “My Family and Other Animals,” which many of us may remember, affectionately, from our own youth. It stars the fabulous Keeley Hawes as Louisa Durrell who moved her family to Corfu in the 30s. Nostalgic, and fun. Like a summer holiday in the middle of winter.

” Survivor!” It’s in it’s 38th season in The Sates for a reason. It’s still great fun and excellent all-round family entertainment. Scheming and backstabbing for the adults, games and competition for the kids.

Our Planet,” “Blue Planet.” or any other David Attenborough documentary. It’s never too early to turn the kids on to nature!”

” We loved ‘Scorpion’ on Netflix. Bit like Macgyver – ( The Guardian called it a Geek Action procedural,) but on speed. My 11 year old loved it!”

” Lost in Space is an American science fiction television series based on the 1965 series of the same name which was a  reimagining of the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson. Think a family of space explores whose spaceship veers off course.”

Dragons: Race to the edge, ( Further adventures of a young Dragon Trainer, from How to Train Your Dragon,) Dawn of the Croods, Arthur, Masterchef Junior, Malibu Rescue, Star Wars Rebels, Gortimer Gibbons‘ Life on Normal Street, ( Gortimer and his buddies, live in an ordinary suburb, or maybe it isn’t so ordinary) Myth Busters, Young Sheldon.

The Flash,” is an American Superhero based on the character, Barry Allen / Flash, whose superpower is being able to move at superhuman speeds. And there are LOTS of seasons which means you can really get stuck in.”

This is US,” is a massively successful US TV family saga. It’s dramatic and funny but also …. so sad! The themes covered mean there’s lot to discuss.”

American Ninja Warrior, great fun for whole family and inspires outdoor jungle gym use, which has been neglected. It was on eTV, but we watch on seasons on YouTube. Minute to Win it for short quick sessions between studies.”

Cobra Kai!” It’s a follow up of Karate Kid. So much fun. It’s set 24 years after the original, when middle-aged Daniel and Johnny find themselves martial-arts rivals again. Of course, Johnny rescues a bullied kid, Miguel from bullies and is inspired to restart the notorious Cobra Kai dojo.” And …  ” lekker funny at times!”

Young Sheldon! Sheldon Cooper’s ( From Big Bang Theory,) early years. It’s a young genius’ struggle, when surrounded by those less genius-y than himself.”

Heartland – about horses, ranch life and family set in the foothills in the Rocky Mountains. I was hooked on it and so were my kids! And there are 12 seasons – lovely long time to bond!”

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