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If you really, really need to lose weight: To HCG or not to HCG?

Q: ” From an overweight 45 year old telly tubby mom…I was just wondering if anyone on the group has tried and tested HCG injections for weight loss and if it worked for them in the long term?  I am absolutely desperate to try and lose about 20kgs…I know the answer is to eat less and exercise – just really interested to know of this has worked for anyone else and if there were any side effects…”

A: In short: From Healthline: HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone present at high levels in early pregnancy.

In fact, this hormone is used as a marker in home pregnancy tests. HCG has also been used to treat fertility issues in both men and women. However, elevated blood levels of HCG may also be a symptom of several types of cancer, including placental, ovarian and testicular cancer. A British doctor named Albert Simeons first proposed HCG as a weight loss tool in 1954. His diet consisted of two main components:

  • An ultra-low-calorie diet of around 500 calories per day.
  • The HCG hormone administered via injections.

Today, HCG products are sold in various forms, including oral drops, pellets and sprays. They are also available through countless websites and some retail stores.” But … are they safe, and … do they work?

” Messing with hormones isn’t a good idea and the HCG diet limits your calories to 500 a day. So I would would say the weight loss happens because of that. It is not sustainable and you would be upsetting your body permanently by taking a hormone. Join Sleekgeek Facebook page ( you don’t have to join to see what it’s about ) and scroll back to see how it works. Everything is free except the special challenges which you don’t have to do. Everyone follows their own eating plan but you can ask anything there including this question. Also ask advice for what eating plan is recommended. Read all the posts by the ‘founders’ of the group. Great info and advice but common point is no gimmicks, potions or quick fixes.”

” Did it for 2 months. No side effects but basically the diet they tell you to follow would have you losing the weight anyway. I didn’t lose much, despite gymming. I already eat very healthily – no sugar, minimum carbs, no fruit, mostly veg and protein. I am beginning to think my shape is my shape. Genetics! Both my grandma and mom went round after 40.”

” It worked for me. The new protocol is 800 calories, including coconut oil. I lost 30kgs and have successfully kept it off following a healthy balanced eating plan afterwards and being mindful of my good choices.”

” I’m on theHCG diet now…lost 25kg….it is a very hard diet to stick to as you are very limited to what you eat and you eat very little but if your mind is right it can be done.”

” The weight loss has to be something you can maintain after you stop the HCG injections, so ultimately a lifestyle change is your only way. We use the My Fitness Pal app and it really works and it’s free! If you can join a walking group and walk 5km 3 times a week it really helps. Run walk for life have specials for Discovery members and are very supportive or you can do it yourself with a weekend parkrun.”

” It’s completely unsustainable! Everyone I know who has done it has gained all the weight within 3 months of stopping, plus normally much much more. Intermittent fasting and low carbs with an active lifestyle is much more sustainable.”

BUT: ” I did it over a year ago, lost 35kgs and have not gained a single kilogram back. But I have remained disciplined in my approach to eating. In most instances, losing weight is treating the symptom and not the cause, and in many instances, if you don’t get to the root of the need to self soothe using food, you will most certainly over time, revert back to old familiar habits. This has little to do with the diet.”

” There is a saying that your body is produced in the kitchen and it’s so true. Calorie control and portion size are difficult to follow, particularly if you eat the wrong foods. Highly processed and refined carb rich meals will just leave you wanting more and if you reduce your intake you’ll be hungrier sooner. You’ll find greater rewards in health and weight by cutting carbs and going high fat.
While we’re taught that fat makes you fat, that’s not true. Excess sugar stored as fat makes you fat.
Research LCHF diets. They’re sustainable and become a lifestyle so there is none of that weight loss then regain when you stop (because you don’t stop). Exercise will help like 10% in weight loss. It’s all in the diet.”

” I’d say stay away from anything that messes with your hormones. I was on anti-depressants for 3 months, and they totally f^%*ed up my hormones… 2 years later and I’m STILL struggling to lose the excess 10kg!! (And I am a super active person and don’t eat horrendously!)”

” It’s a disaster, you have to fork out a lot of money, inject yourself and essentially eat less than a small bird . Not sustainable , not worth it.”

” My advice to most of these things are: RESEARCH! Anyone or everyone who uses it might say it’s the best and others will say it’s not. Check the ingredients and their pros and cons. I also think losing weight, quitting smoking etc, you HAVE to want to do it. Try not to rely just on the products to do the work, you have to want it so eating right, exercise and loads of water along with your mental determination is a major thing.”

” A friend did it. Gained the weight straight after. There are some amazing guys on YouTube that encourage Keto and Intermittent Fasting. And they really go into the science of it. The food is really nice so it’s sustainable. Follow Dr Eric Berg, Dr Ken Berry and Dr Mindy. Dr Mindy is a amazing because she does programmes which help her people get better habits.”

I’ve done the HCG protocol and it worked very well, I suggest you read “weight loss apocalypse” to understand why it works and how to maintain the weight loss…/dp/1467845639

Join the FB page Intermittent Fasting for South African Women.”

I’ve had incredible success with Weigh-less over many decades now! It’s super effective and really has become a way of life. Also convenient as you cook the same food for your family. They have groups all over the country check online for your nearest group leader.”

” Speaking as someone whose metabolism is pretty awful, I would suggest seeing a dietitian and also getting checked for PCOS. The latter can make losing weight extremely challenging and a dietitian will look at your individual needs and issues and draw up a plan that will work for you.
Your dietitian will also check glucose tolerance and insulin resistance as these also play a huge role in weight management.
I know that eating 1000kcal or less and exercising makes absolutely no difference to my weight. My underlying medical issues just skrewed my metabolism too much. So I focus on eating healthy, exercise and learning to like my curves. Not easy. But healthier than radical weight loss programs that can cause all sorts of issues.”

” This could be a cool alternative, check it out with your doctor: A new report on a breakthrough Slimming Pill

” Trim Healthy Mamas. Look them up on FB. I have a friend who dropped half her body weight using this approach. She’s a mamma of 8 and fits into clothes she wore in high school.

” Banting. But remember to increase fat intake as that trains your body to use its fat instead of carbs for energy. It’s expensive but not more than injections. And it works as well as being good for general health.”

” Eat CLEAN & GREEN combined with IF is definitely recommended and sustainable. Read ALL labels of any packaging you MIGHT consider. If more than two ingredients…. BAD….. if you can’t pronounce it… BAD. Include good/rendered Fats only… no replica foods. If necessary a snack is only a closed handful…drink water when you’re thirsty…”

” I’ve been using an App called MyNetDiary. And lost 1kg quickly with no effort. Just logging what I eat. Can be applied to Banting too.”

” My husband lost 15kg by following a Banting type of diet. In other words mostly sticking to Banting and then breaking the odd small rule now and again. He really enjoys it and never felt hungry like he did on other eating plans. I was a very overweight teenager but then starting eating 5 small meals a day instead of one big one a day. There wasn’t a word for Banting, in those days but I mostly ate high fat, low carb foods. I am now almost 55 and my weight has been at target since then. I love my cream, double cream yogurt, butter and full fat everything. I even eat chocolate. Bear in mind though this is not for everyone and you should check with a Doctor and monitor cholesterol every now and again if you choose this eating plan. My husband had dangerously high cholesterol and after following Banting it came right down and he came off meds after many years of taking them. And his blood pressure came down too! Good luck and hope you find something that suits you and allows you to enjoy eating.”

” Be aware of what you put in your body, choose clean healthy, home prepared foods if possible. I eat my biggest/heaviest meal by 2pm and have a light snack for dinner – have lost weight just by doing that. You should stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime.”

” First ask, “Does this feel right for my body, is what I am putting into it nourishing it and giving it all the nutrients it needs to flourish?” If not, then look for something else. I have several friends who have gone the seemingly quick route, only to go back to where they started directly after they stopped. I have been so inspired by so many. to rather focus on a healthy lifestyle and giving my body what it needs. I lost 13kg in 6 months by focusing on nutrition with a great accountability group and health coach via Herbalife. 2 years and still the weight is off and I can tap into support and encouragement when I need it.”

” I did HCG very successfully but then put it all back on again fairly quickly. Short answer is that it will work if you are 100% disciplined during and after.”

” Try the Keto diet. www.dietdoctor.comhas loads of info and a two week meal plan to get you started.”

I landed up at 3 am in Emergency on my 3 rd night in PARIS no less. Full blown gallbladder attack. Had just completed 5 weeks on HCG and had lost 9.6 kilos. Doctor was appalled – BEWARE rapid weight loss can and often result in gall stones and those my friends can result in having your gall bladder removed, and complications. Again, (gallstones aside) too fast off, the faster it will find you! Living proof…”

” Pretty much any diet will work if you stick to it. And … pretty much every diet will result in gaining the weight back once you stop and go back to your normal eating pattern. We all, if we are honest with ourselves, know how to lose weight – take in less energy than we expend. So eat sensible quantities of sensible food and do some exercise. However knowing and doing are two completely different games.”

” I can see that it’s likely that you have your answer by now but I did HCG on and off for about 2 years. My first round was my most successful with around 25kg’s weight loss. I picked some of it up again so went back on HCG but now my body was getting used to it so the weight loss was much slower and no where near as much. I felt incredible on the diet. Unfortunately, I am now weighing the most I have ever weighed and all my vitamins in my body were completely knocked off kilter. I currently take magnesium, folic acid, Vitamin D3 and Neurobian. I feel much better but my weight has taken forever to stabilise. Whilst the weight was offI felt amazing! But life is for living and unfortunately, I didnt know how to live with my daily injection and am now struggling to get my mind in the right place to start dieting again. It was wonderful to know what it would feel like to look great! But now I feel just terrible and hopeless. So is it worth it? Yes and no. I am not certain that the long term effects have been worth it. I hope you find what is right for you.”

I’ve just completed 2 months of HCG injections and the only thing I’ve lost is my money! 2 years ago I lost 16kg over a period of about 4 months doing “The diet everyone talks about”. Its basically a low carb diet but fairly easy to sustain. I’ve since regained about 6kg which is why I tried HCG. The reality is that whatever you do, once you’ve lost your weight you will never be able to go back to your old way of eating. Now I’m just going to continue my low carb eating as I feel really good and healthy following that way of eating. One thing I’ve learnt is that portion size is everything and I realised when I was following my eating plan just how much I was eating as opposed to what I should be eating. So maybe start there – halve your portion size and eat fewer carbs.”

” I’ve tried every single diet known to mankind including HGF ( lost 15 , gained 20)and a few years ago lost 20kgs Banting. Since then I just stopped obsessing over my weight and letting it consume my every thought. I eat when I’m hungry, I eat whatever I feel like, I TRY to stay carb and sugar-free from Monday to Friday and eat whatever I want on weekends. It’s a mindset. Some days I binge on sugar non-stop . Other days I have no appetite . The minute I say ” Today is D day” I eat myself silly. So since I stopped “dieting” I’ve kept the 20kgs off and have learnt to be happy in my own skin and have vowed to NEVER EVER spend another cent on weight loss! We all know whats good and bad for us… love yourself just the way you are, be conscious of whats ” healthy” and unhealthy and it will come off.”

I have lost 17 kgs on the Sure Slim eating plan. I am 50 this year was expanding by the day. I understand that eating plans like this do not suit everyone but I can’t recommend it highly enough. I am also aware that exercise is part of the process but am ashamed to say that my 17 kgs dropped off without so much as a sweat.”

” Never touch injections or fad diets . Learning about your own habits , managing slowly to improve your own mind is key. Knowing that your muscles ( 650 of them ) require 75 % water-based food to work for you long term, understanding the side effects of processed foods long term in your body and also recognizing how damaged your body may be from your past history is key to going forward.”

” I’ve done the injections three times. The diet worked wonders. I had plenty of energy and amazing, felt so light after. Forward 6 weeks … all the weight back on – with friends!
Slow-paced loss is definitely more sustainable but I get the desperation to loose. So my suggestion is do one or two courses then get yourself to a sustainable eating and training programme. Otherwise you essentially waste the time and money.”


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