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Is there any other solution for a snoring partner other than….murder?



Q: ” Anyone have any solutions to sleeping in the same room as a  really bad snoring husband? ( Hm. Men are not the only ones who snore! – Ed.) If so, what did you do about it and what has worked? Interested in hearing to consider options before I go mad.”

A: ” I had special earplugs designed by a hearing specialist and also was so desperate that we even went to an E&T, but the operation seemed a bit drastic. When it is hectic I sleep in a different room and on holiday … I must often take sleeping pills!”

” All joking aside, it could be sleep apnea speak to your physician he can test. If it is, a CPAP will change both your and his life…. Bad snoring is one of the indicators and it is very dangerous if left untreated. Read up about it here,…/symptoms-causes/syc-20377631″

” A (gentle, haha) nudge in the ribs and my husband turns!”

” My husband eventually paid a ton of cash for one of those snore-sleep machines. ( It covers the nose and uses air pressure to keep him breathing. So he now gets a proper night’s sleep. If you get a diagnosis from a recognized sleep clinic then the medical aid may pay.) It’s changed his life and mine. It’s silent, I get sleep and he gets a proper night’s sleep as well.  Otherwise I recommend you set up a sleeping space for yourself – every wise woman has a bolt-boudoir to run to when the snoring becomes unbearable.”

” A friend of mine was about to move into a separate bedroom, then put her husband on the low FODMAP diet.

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols.

These are the scientific terms used to classify groups of carbs that are notorious for triggering digestive symptoms like bloating, gas and stomach pain. FODMAPs are found in a wide range of foods in varying amounts. Some foods contain just one type, while others contain several. The main dietary sources of the four groups of FODMAPs include:

  • Oligosaccharides: Wheat, rye, legumes and various fruits and vegetables, such as garlic and onions.
  • Disaccharides: Milk, yogurt and soft cheese. Lactose is the main carb.
  • Monosaccharides: Various fruit including figs and mangoes, and sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar. Fructose is the main carb.
  • Polyols: Certain fruits and vegetables including blackberries and lychee, as well as some low-calorie sweeteners like those in sugar-free gum.

SUMMARY:FODMAPs are a group of fermentable carbs that aggravate gut symptoms in sensitive people. They’re found in a wide range of foods.”

Apparently it saved their marriage…”

” It depends entirely on what is causing it. Possible causes could be sleep apnea, deviated septum, oesophageal hernias, adenoids etc. My husband has all of the above and his snoring worsens when he puts on weight or drinks alcohol the night before. We are in Europe so not sure about SA but he was sent to a sleep clinic for two nights which have him the diagnosis. Then ENT and gastroenterologist for the rest, it’s been quite a process. In his case taking out the adenoids hasn’t really had much of an effect. He is looking into rhinoplasty now to correct the septum. A facial maxillary dentist also made him this Hannibal Lector-esque mouth guard to force him bottom jaw out while he sleeps. It cost us 380€, he wore it one night and pronounced that it definitely worked! He didn’t snore because he couldn’t even get to sleep.
At this stage I have kind of given up. You have two choices:
1) earplugs
2) euthanasia by feather down pillow.”

” The minute my boyfriend lost 10kg the snoring stopped.”

” This may be a bit drastic, but my husband had his tonsils removed. They were really very bad. I was often worried because it sounded like he stopped breathing for a bit. Not fun for an adult to have such an op, but his sleep has been 100% better. Alcohol definitely has something to do with it too.”

“My husband uses micropore medical tape. He sticks a piece over his mouth and is therefore forced to breathe through his nose. With his skew septum it forces the nostrils to open slightly and breathes normally through his nose. He only does it for 3-5 nights in a row , and the system kinda gets used to breathing like that. It doesn’t last forever though.”

” In my humble opinion, the only solution is ear plugs… for you. Buy the soft squishy ones from Clicks.”

” Losing weight definitely helps. Alcohol exacerbates it. My husband tried every spray, 2 types of mouth plates, strips and almost everything available over the counter. Went for a sleep assessment and diagnosed with sleep Apnoea. Has a CPAP machine. Not pretty but no more snoring and he is a much nicer person in the morning!”

” Divorce. I sleep like a baby now.”

” Use Cannabis oil to help you sleep more soundly, or at the very least it will help those around you sleep more soundly!”

” Dr Keevy at the Morningside clinic makes a gum guard that adjusts your jaw so your airway stays open. My husband wears it every night. It’s changed both our lives. He sleeps properly now too. Quite expensive but worth it.”

«  My husband had proper sleep apnea. Had to sleep with a C-PAP machine for years. We then came across Dr Rushdie Hendricks in CT, who does an operation that opens the airway and/or narrows the tongue (a big, fleshy tongue is often the problem). My husband didn’t need his tongue altered. We had to beg and borrow to have the op done, as it was so new no medical aid would pay for it, and we needed to go down to CT from Pta and stay there for the op and the follow up. My husband was patient #6 for Dr Hendricks, and his op was a resounding success. 6 years on my husband will still sometimes snore softly (esp if his allergies are playing up), but none of that horrible snoring that had me sleep in a different bedroom, nor any apnea.

Before the op, we definitely noticed that the snoring would increase if his weight went up.

I cannot recommend the op highly enough. It changed our lives. We both sleep and REST so much better, hubby’s Bp normalized , he is so much more productive at work. »

” Get yourself some custom earplugs. (most audiologists make them) Cheaper than a doctors consult and more successful than any intervention. Life saving! (and marriage saving)”

” I once bashed my first husband’s head against the headboard. It didn’t help. So you can rule that option out.”

” An industrial fan could help – white noise is very helpful for drowning out suburban noise, mosquitoes and snoring husbands.”

” Losing weight. Sadly, both my husband I and I snore like Harley Davidsons. We both went to an ENT, who said, ” This will be your shortest consultation ever. Stop eating. Lose weight.” We are still plump. We still snore.”

I bought my husband “Helps Stop Snoring” spray from Clicks! It was the best buy ever LOL! It works.”

” We offer the orthoapnea anti snoring device at our practice Kromboom Dental Centre (Dentists and Oral Hygienists)  There is a very good success rate if  BMI is 31 and less.”

” Make him wear one of your bras backwards with tennis balls in it. He won’t be able to lie on his back. Problem solved!”

” Bose has special snoring earplugs. Really expensive, but with their pedigree … worth every cent.”


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