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Matric insomnia is real. Is there anything natural that works?

Q: ” My daughter is in matric and suffering from huge anxiety. For the first time ever, she is battling to sleep. I’ve tried Biral, natural sleeping tabs. Any ideas for anything that will help?”

A: ” Calm and Relaxed recordings – lots of positive feedback from adults and kids about how it helps them sleep. There is an anxiety recording coming out soon too…

” Himalaya Ashwagandah Anti Stress tablets are little miracles in a bottle.”

” White noise helps my daughter.”

” This may sound too simple, but it does help. Make a large jug of. Camomile tea, no milk, no sugar, and keep it in the fridge. She can drink it throughout the day. Has certainly helped my children and helps them sleep easier and better.”

” Lavender oil… A few drops on her bedding, in her bath… Helps our family lots.”

” Exercise like yoga or Pilates. It really helps. I suffer with sleep and anxiety and if I’m consistent with Pilates I sleep so well. Walking can also help.”

” I want to add that huge anxiety which interferes with sleep, is often a symptom of major depression. Depression should not be treated only using herbal remedies and supplements. Please consider psychotherapy.”

” Something as simple as diet is so important. Coffee can cause anxiety as well as sugar and the usual culprits…gluten etc. Gluten, dairy etc. are a lot harder to eliminate but, from my experience, coffee and sugar should be the first to go when it comes to anxiety.”

” Epsom salt bath works amazingly well.”

” Look for caffeine, everywhere. Not just coffee, but also energy drinks, Coke Lite etc. Those are killer for anxiety.”

” I honestly the stress created by being in matric is insane and even thought I’m not usually big on pharmaceuticals, I really believe you need to do whatever it takes to help your daughter through matric. There are some easy things you can do- slowmag at night around 8pm will calm her nervous system and help her sleep. Also neurobion (high dose vitamin b) first thing in the morning. And then I would go speak to your doctor. There is a drug called enderal ( and I’m sure others too that are beta blockers) that block the Adrenalin receptors on the heart and therefore prevent anxiety attacks. Can be taken before tests or more often if the doctor thinks it’s necessary. I took it before matric finals a long time ago and I know some kids who suffer with anxiety take it and it’s a game changer. Also, be careful of the natural remedies such as rescue that actually dull the nervous system and can reduce exam performance. Beta blockers don’t do that.”

” Breathing and a concious effort to think happy things. I know this sounds stupid, but it really is that easy. I used to be “anxious” all the time, and then I decided to stop believing that “I am” anything that is bad and it literally went away…. Meditation also helps a lot before bed time…”

” My daughter has been prescribed Stressum and circadian (Melatonin) it’s expensive but works.”

” As an anxiety and ocd diagnosed sufferer myself… Have your daughter medically checked out. I’m not knocking yoga etc as Im a fitness instructor myself and exercise every day. Sometimes we need more than lavender drops. When you have anxiety you worry till literally u want to vomit. Your whole body shakes and you think and fear your demise. It’s not a pleasant thing that’s why it grates on me when people think the answer is as simple as a natural supplement. Been there done that. If u want natural stressum is the only natural fda studied and approved effective medicine. I’m not pushing pills. But if you gave me the choice to not sit in a corner overcome by fear or a tablet I would take the tablet.”

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