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Mission Impossible? How to get a teen out of bed in the morning.

Q: ” Tips needed, please, on how to get kids ready on time in the morning. I’m pulling my hair out!”

A: ” Lol. Wake them up earlier. No-one gets up later then six, at my house. I make a noise, get up or else!”

” After years of begging, cajoling, motivating, yanking duvets off, threatening, shouting, flashing lights … nothing. Hahaha. But one day of letting him oversleep and miss the lift and have to beg us to get to his fierce and nit-picky school, who give detention for any lateness,  he’s a changed boy. The next day, he set his alarm for 6am, 6.05, 6.20. 6.30 and then got up. All on his own. Air punch.”

” My kids know that if they are not ready by the time to leave they will go to school as they are and they can explain to the school why they were not ready. They also need to make sure that everything is ready the night before. They are not allowed to ask me for stuff in the morning.”

I make them go to bed 15 minutes earlier which increases by 15 minutes each morning they fail to get up and get going. Once they are handling mornings correctly again for three days in a row they can earn back 15 minutes. It’s hard enough getting my own ass going in the morning without stressing about theirs.”

” I tell them I am ready to leave and am getting in the car. I then wait for them in the car. This means (1) they stop waiting/relying on me to chase them and get them ready as I am not in the house, (2) I am not screeching and getting frustrated because I can’t see them. I take a book in the car with me and travel coffee….breathe and chill. The first few times if they are late for school that is ok, don’t stress, don’t say anything, they realise quickly it is up to them. If they start panicking because they are late, I just say, you understand they are worried, that being on time is up to them, you are happy to help them get their things ready the night before, wake them in the mornings, give them a 10min warning but that is it, rest is their choice.”

” I have to prep and get things ready the night before but I also have to constantly be on their cases in the morning. So its… wake up time…. breakfast and then get done. But all while this is happening I am asking… are you guys done, have you brushed your teeth, are you getting dressed. I have tried everything and nothing else works. So I just have to be a drill sergeant in the morning.”

” My 11 year olds suggestion. His strategy to get up. Make them drink loots of water the night before, so they need to get up for the loo. Experiment how much is their wake up dose.”

” I let all 5 of my dogs jump on their beds and give them wet kisses. They love it.”

” I told my son if he wasn’t ready by the time we needed to go, I wouldn’t take him in to school and I’d email the school letting them know he wouldn’t be at school because he couldn’t get himself up and ready. I said I’d do this every time he wasn’t ready in time. It happened once, I followed through, he’s never been late since. I now lie in a little, he gets himself up and he brings me coffee in bed.”

” I’ve told my 4 kids they can use iPad and watch tv only once they’re fully dressed and have had their breakfast packed their bags and ready and waiting. Works for now.”

I left each of my children at home at least once…. “we have to leave now… sorry that you cannot come with us. See you later!” They are all quite particular about time now. I also refused to pack bags, make lunch, set out clothes from when they were about 9. We had mixed results and some tears (sometimes mine!) at times… but we all survived and they are now a 29 year-old entrepreneur, designer and illustrator; a 26 year-old married doctor and a 22 year-old animator.”

” My girls were notorious dawdlers when in primary school. My hubby told them that he was leaving at a certain time, and whatever they were wearing was how he was going to drop them off. Well, the time came and only panties and vests on. He made them get in the car and took them almost all the way to school. The kicking and screaming that went on was hilarious. When he got them back home they got told that next time it is all the way to school. They were never not fully ready at leaving time after that.”

” Stop a sec and consider why you are taking on their responsibilities? Have a meeting and hand it all back to them. Make sure you have easy lunch options for them to select and pack. Make sure that you, yourself are ready on time and leave their stuff to them. It’s their important lesson of time management and responsibility. To take it away from them is not going to teach them anything positive. Let them collect as many detentions as they are prepared to endure. Chances are once will be enough. Whatever you do at least stop stressing about their time management.”
” Before anybody gets to watch any TV at night (after homework and dinner) all bags must be packed for the next day and waiting at the front door…”

I have a morning run down list in each of their bedrooms, eg.05:30 wake up 05:35 drink coffee eat breakfast,06:00 go to bathroom, brush wash etc, 06:10 get dressed,06:20 brush hair and check bags,06:30 take vitamins, 06:35 take bags to car,06:40 leave! MustLeave!! But it is age dependant and they must pack their bags the night before. I also call out the time as the morning progresses and at 06:40 I have an alarm programmed on all the cellphones in the house and they know when that alarm goes off its ticket. Go Go Go!”

” Let them learn about consequences. If they late it’s their fault, their problem. I recommend telling them you ready, then sitting quietly waiting somewhere in the house. Let them come and call you to go. They’ll learn quickly.”


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