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” My vegan teen needs vegan-friendly school shoes. WHERE do I find them?”


Q: ” My teenager needs new school shoes. She has just announced that they have to be vegan-friendly. Yes seriously, she wants vegan school shoes. What even? Any advice? ”

A: “In actual fact, vegan-friendly shoes are hellaciously bad for the environment. Have her read this article, then she can make a fully informed decision:…/” 

Woolies do shoes that are vegan friendly … and they’re cheap, maybe around R159.”

” My family also doesn’t wear leather for animal cruelty purposes. My girls are finished with school now but I used to find non leather school shoes at Pep Stores.”

” Search on Vegan SA Facebook Group for all things vegan and vegetarian.”

” Haha (sorry)….I was you 15 years ago. Imported canvas pointe shoes for ballet, canvas shoes, getting calls to fetch her as the lift mother’s car had leather seats etc etc Good luck!”

” Let her do the research on where to buy vegan shoes and all the issues that all of you discussed – she must find the solution to her problem herself and learn during the process.”

Call-It Spring have vegan shoes – not sure if they have for girls tho’. I bought a pair for a guy for his matric dance. They are so comfortable & stylish.”

Doc Martins – have a vegan version. Try The Shoe Lady. They cost in the range of R1700 up. Not a cheap exercise. Best plan is Crocs, who have a nice range of shoes that you can view on the website. But they will still cost you a bit.”

” Don’t let the quest for vegan induce you to do plastic. Plastic is killing our oceans – and fish. Plastic is not vegan-friendly. Origami banana leaves my be the most practical.”



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  • Brooke says:

    You know why I don’t like this bc ur saying plastic is killing our oceans it is but do I relise every shoe has plastic and she is now doing good for the earth because killing animals is worse have u watched any documentary’s of u put this through a teens head they will start having anxity wethar this is good choice if u showed me this arrival I would have an anxity attack like bruh she does not want to kill animals have u thought about that instead of this web site saying it’s worse for the environment think about this millions of animals get killed everyday for you enjoyment u could have hundred pairs of shoes w leather and u only wear five that’s worse for the world do your research

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