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Some ideas for when anxiety bites.


There are many amongst us who can identify with this description of the (sadly very common,) curse of anxiety. The heart racing, lonely, panic feeling that can reach up and grab you by the throat, wherever you are. Of course, a psychiatrist is the very best person to assist, but often fellow travelers, can have some positive input as well.

Q: ” I need help . I think serious help. I’m stting at my desk at work feeling like I’m literally holding on to my sanity. I’ve become anxious again. To the point where I’m struggling to hold on. It’s not one thing and it’s just so hard and scary at the moment . I don’t have medical aid and I don’t have money to go and see a psychologist, which is what I think I need. I don’t do medication except the natural stuff which helps in the moment. This is a big year for me , and it’s barely started and this is where I find myself already. So this is me reaching out, not sure really what i need , but hoping there is help.”

A: ” I suffer from very bad anxiety. I hate taking the prescribed medication because of their side effects. I have heard that sceletium can work well. I think it’s called Elev8 at pharmacies.”

” I struggle with crippling anxiety. I recently started Body Stress Release with David King (based on Church Square, Cape Town). He incorporates kinesiology and reiki into his sessions and is brilliant. I am off all my anxiety meds and have not had a panic attack or woken up with that horrible feeling for months. He costs around R400 for an hour. TRUST me. Life changer.”

This is an amazing technique, completely free, and while you’re checking out options, this will take the edge off. It may even be enough. It’s completely free and you do it yourself. It basically allows your anxious thoughts to have a ‘voice’ so that instead of suppressing them, you allow yourself to process and release them, then they dissipate. You do it as often as needed. It’s sometimes called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or simply called ‘tapping’. This link explains it but Google EFT for anxiety or tapping for anxiety, there are videos as well. All the best.

” You get to a point in your life where you need to allow modern science to do its job. If you had a heart problem, you would take heart medication or have an operation. Why not for anxiety? Think about those around you too. It’s the responsible thing to do. I have been on meds for 12 years and am the happiest I’ve ever been. No side effects at all. The “natural” stuff doesn’t work, if it worked, it would have made its way into modern medicine, as many ancient Chinese remedies have. Definitely mindfulness and meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and that’s something we can all incorporate into our lives. I hope you feel better soon, I know that scary place too well.”

I strongly recommend exercise. You probably don’t feel like it, but a brisk walk for 30 minutes can help bring the anxiety down. Put some earphones in and find meditation stuff on Youtube – plenty of free ones.”

” Go to SADAG ( South African Depression and Anxiety Group,) group here on FB for their contact detail and free counselling. If you are in CT then phone Cape Mental Health and tell them you want to see a social worker.”

” You need a script for Alzam, generic for Xanor/Xanax and very cheap. I’ve had anxiety most of my life and these meds are a life saver, natural stuff for severe anxiety does not work. I have a wonderful Dr who is a very experienced GP and I thank God for sending me to him because 20yrs ago I was in a bad state with panic attacks. Dont suffer, anxiety is horrible.”

” Hi, professional help and medication is always a first option and recommended. However we are all adults and make our own choices. After trying therapy and medication for years I also made a choice to opt for alternative treatments and therapies. My list includes many of the items listed above. I started taking Solal’s Natutally High and it really made a difference. I would recommend you consider the following list:
1. Essential oils can lift your mood quickly (I have a huge collection so if you are in the Cape Town area, let me know and I can share some with you)
2. Bach Flower remedies – these can shift an emotional state in gentle ways and have long term benefits (I also have a big collection so let me know if I can help).
3. EFT tapping- this is a very powerful but gentle technique. If you just google ‘EFT tapping pdf’ you can find the manual online. You can do it in the moment eg. ‘Even though I fee stressed and anxious, I truly love and forgive myself’. However for long term benefits, one should work on it on a daily basis and get to deeper issues eg even though ‘I am angry at my father for being an alcoholic and making me feel worthless, I truly love and forgive myself’. Please do not doubt this technique – it has brought people from being suicidal to happy well adjusted people.
4. Body stress release – very powerful therapy, sessions cost between R400 and R450 and you need to go for at least 3 or so to get you past a funk.
5. Applied kinesiology- not cheap, it’s R450 a session but really shifts your emotional state.
6. Find a walking/running club in your area and start moving. Bipedal movement (moving your legs) increases brain integration and processing.
7. Get out into nature. Negative ions produced by ocean waves and in forests provide a charge that improves overall mental health. A 10 minute run in nature has been shown to be as effective as prescribed antidepressants. And once your out there, you can definitely do more than 10 minutes.
8. Music can uplift one in the moment. Google / YouTube your favourite tunes and blast them. Get dancing or moving to the music to improve processing and uplift yourself.
9. Read and Watch inspiring material. Stories of people overcoming odds. From people with disabilities doing basic things to people doing amazing superhuman things like ultra distance runners. Find friends and people who are continuously positive and inspiring. Consider joining Sleekgeek Health Revolution Facebook group. It is about more than physical transformation, it is a community of people supporting and inspiring each other. Friend, I have been where you are.”

” Besides all the benefits of healthy eating, exercise and being kind to yourself go see a doctor and tell them how you are feeling, a tiny dose of anxiety Meds could save you and if you feel later you have a grip, with the help of a professional, you can ween self off.”

” Please don’t mess around with your mental well-being, the natural path is great for many things but the right medication is life changing. Go see a doctor and discuss everything you are going through and feeling, if he gives you a script for medication take it. Honestly sometimes it is the only answer.”

” Read The Mindfulness and Acceptance workbook for Anxiety by John Forsyth and George Eifert. It’s completely changed my life wrt to living with anxiety.”

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