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The Village’s Top 20 “I will survive“ Divorce Anthems



There are moments in life when turning up the volume and singing into your hairbrush is the best therapy to be had.


When a Villager said “My soul heals itself through music. But I’ve been struggling to find a song that will bring healing,” and asked for recommendations, the Village delivered a fierce and fabulous Top 20. Nothing by Adele, allowed. NO whining and weeping and moaning about ex-boyfriends!


20) Rachel Platten: This Is My Fight Song.

“And all those things I didn’t say
Wrecking balls inside my brain
I will scream them loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song” Speaks for itself, don’t you think? Only No 20, because it’s essential to start off with a bang.


19) There were many votes for “Anything by Alanis Morisette!” But especially, “ You oughta know.” She’s sly and wicked this gal. Wouldn’t trust her on a dark night, in a dark alley. Sometimes, you know, after a break-up, there’s an urgent need for that stuff. Cathartic.


18) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, John Mayer. It’ll make you feel really glad you’re out of there.


17) Titanium, by David Guerra. Because you are bullet-proof. Absolutely.


16) Shake it Off, Taylor Swift. Old Taylor is a bit young for our demographic, but in her short life she’s definitely been through a break-up or two. And fought back, big time.


15) So What by Pink. This got a few of us through divorces… and wow! Does the Village love Pink! “ Coz she’s a strong kick ass kinda woman. Worked for me when I got divorced!” said one Villager. “So What was my ring tone during my divorce!”


14) Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? The Villager who suggested this song said: “played at full blast while you do stripper poses. Hotness has very little to do with having a model body and there’s a natural sexiness that comes with age with all its accompanying physical flaws.”


13) Let It Go, Idina Menzel. From Frozen. Obviously. Cheese is important when you need to whine. And drink wine.

12) Lucinda Williams Changed The Locks, because finality. Closure. Pack his clothes in a cheap suitcase and donate them to a charity shop. Or your son’s friends, if they’re designer, Etc.


11) Bird Set Free, Sia. “Played really, really loud!” Said practically every Villager about practically all these songs.


10) “ ‘Fear‘ and ‘Feel Again’ by Blue October are amazing songs for when you have moved beyond the hurt but not quite feeling one hundred percent. I have listened to both those songs about 500 times. My poor Spotify!” said one Villager, which was seconded by many.


9) Just Dance by Lady Gaga got me through my divorce. Listened to it everywhere, including the car. Used to bomb down the road playing it hella loud and folks used to look at me like I was nuts. Hugs to you, it gets better.”


8) IDGAF by Dua Lipa. Well, anything, recently, by Dua Lipa, TBH according to TV.


7) I’m still standing by Elt. Believe, by Cher. More cheese to go with all that wine.


6) One Villager sent this lovely message: “ Toni Braxton …Let it flow, once you’ve found some space to heal, listen to The Sounds of Blackness…I believe, best line. “Don’t ask me where I’ve been, ask me where I’m going..” My best advice would be. Don’t focus on them. Him or her, focus on YOU what you need for you, when your mind drifts behind it back to you. I hope you pass through this quickly and find real love.”


5) To The Left, Beyonce. Well, because, Beyonce. And she knows. If it can happen to HER it can happen to anyone. It’s not YOU, Babe, It’s Him.


4) Anthem by Leonard Cohen, because beautiful poetry uplifts. And anything by Mr Cohen is properly, deeply, moving. RIP.


3) Bob Marley, 3 Little Birds. “Every little thing’s gonna be alright….” Damn right, it will be, Bob. If you say so, AND The Village says so, it will be so.


2) Fuck you, by the great Lily Allen. Love that Lilly. Very, very much.


1) Is there any doubt? Any at all? NO. Of course not. I Will Survive. By Gloria Gaynor. Because you WILL, you WILL.



Special Mentions: You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys, Katy Perry. Natasha Bedingfield, Single. Justin Timberlake, Cry me a river. You Don’t Own Me, Lesley Gore. Pat Benetar Hit me with your best shot. Leaving me now, Level 42.

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