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Top Tips when a teen has to go gluten-free.



Q: ” I’m about to embark on a 6 week wheat/gluten elimination diet with my son on the advice from our family doctor. I’m going to get the whole family on board for my sanity and his. I’ve done this before for myself so I know the drill from an adult perspective and I’m aware of a fairly good range of alternative food options. Any tips or pearls of wisdom?”

A: ” Dischem has a lovely gluten free flour that can be used for baking muffins etc. My daughter is allergic to gluten and we use the flour which is great. Freedom Bakery in Bergvliet has an amazing variety of gluten free foods as well.”

” Best tip is that you do not need to purchase overpriced gluten-free alternatives- your child can still eat most meats just stay clear of processed meats and sausage as the spices casings or preservatives may contain gluten. But unprocessed and non-coated beef, pork, chicken and fish are all fine. So are veggies, potatoes rice and quinoa. snack wise nuts and fruits. You can get gluten-free bicuits and bars at Dischem, Pick n Pay, Checkers, most health stores. You can purchase gluten-free flour to make breads etc. Food Lovers Market is the cheapest I have found for gluten-free bread, but the problem is many celiacs get sick even from cross contamination, so if the bakery has not washed their hands etc if they’re Gluten intolerant, they can still get sick, so always clean all surfaces at home and don’t use the same toaster for gluten-free and regular. I found a flat bed grill works best as you can properly clean it. There are so many websites and so much information and support online as well snacks are probably the hardest especially for a younger person but there are so many helpful sites and places you can go.”

” It’s actually not too bad once one gets used to it. We buy Gluten-free flour, Cocunut or rice flour from PnP, Spar, Wellness Warehouse or Checkers. Checkers & Woolworths have their own range of gluten-free products that are yummy!
We take a probitic every day which also helps.
Rice cakes & oats – gluten-free or Corn available at most shops. We love Woolies which, might I add, are less expensive than most other stores.
In terms of baking, most stores have their own range of gluten-free baking mixes. If your Teen likes baking, experiment!  Many yummy recipes online too.
Protein shakes help to keep blood sugar constant. We buy Herbalife’s pure protein powder (no flavour) & add our own ingredients – half a banana, Woolies plain yoghurt, instead of berries, we add a bit of apple, cucumber & spinach or mango & orange.”

” Caring Candy in Montague Gardens in Cape Town, does wonderful veggie spaghetti. Can be frozen.”

” Checkers has a really reasonable range of gluten free cake and muffin mixes as well as ready made biscuits and snacks. Pick Pay now sells Frozen gluten free pizza bases which are a winner! Wheat free pasta etc is reasonably priced from Dischem. My go to lunchbox fillers are rice based or corn based. A dietitian helped with a meal plan initially but now it’s become normal. Just read labels as wheat / gluten can be found in surprising places.”

” Please, please be careful of hidden gluten (sauces, sausages etc) so read labels clearly. I also have a bad reaction to xylitol. Ordering out is a problem so dont be scared to grill the waiter!”

” I bought rice bread today at PnP Reddam Corner. Delicious!”

“Lots of super simple completely gluten free/sugar free recipes on too ”

Checkers new range ‘Simple Truth’ is great!!!”

” There is a fab website called Amanda in the kitchen who posts amazing recipes.”

” Visit this website for great gluten free / vegan recipes many stores stock a large gluten free range of products.”

” Follow Danielle Walker of Against All Grain on Fb and insta. Her books are available here too and are excellent.”

” Try having Barley Life every day. Start with 1/2 tsp and work up to 2 or 3 tsp each day so there’s no bad reaction. It’s amazing. It detoxes and heals cells then builds them up to become healthy.”

” Take a look at our online store – we are adding a few new gluten free options but can also make bespoke meals for you – they are frozen so you can stock your freezer.”

” I have been eating gluten-free for many years. I recently stumbled upon a book called “The South African Gluten-Free Cookbook” It is available at Exclusive Books and online. They have a flour mix in the front of the book to use for baking. I buy the flours online from #faithfultonature. I have made a number of recipes and every one has been delicious.”

” For Gluten and preservative free wors, a great butcher in Paarl called Goede Hoop sells it, it tastes amazing, same price as the wors with gluten in and is called “Oupa Japie” se wors. Buy it in bulk!”

” Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward is a fantastic recipe book. All gluten free and easily prepared.”

” We make beautiful gluten free, sugar free sauces and relishes that really help to make food taste delicious! No preservatives or junk. Please send me a mail to or WhatsApp 0845106002.”

” We have a sugar free, wheat free and gluten free bakery in the Mojo Market. We sell cakes, bakes, meals, ice creams and all the most delectable treats in guilt free form. We cater for banting, keto, paleo, vegan, diabetics and celiac. We do birthday cakes, events, parties and more.

” Jackson’s Real Food market in Bryanston. Pricy though!”

We did this 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Don’t make things complicated. Stick to real foods. Unprocessed. Fruit, vegetables, meat, rice. It gets easier as you get used to it and you don’t have to make complicated dishes. Roasts, stir fries, soups and salad for the win!”

” Best pancake recipe ever! You can use oaty milk to make them dairy free too.…/2920665/glutenfree-pancakes
Avoid processed alternatives and rice (try different varieties) and potatoes become the new carb stables.”

” We own Eat Out The Box and we have a number of GF and Low Carb menu items or menu items you can make into GF or LC. We also sell our pizza bases frozen so quick and easy as a treat if you prefer to make your own. DM if you want more info or check out the website.”


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