Village Insights

Dear Villagers, I need your help. If you have some spare minutes, (this takes less than 3 minutes to complete) would you please mind filling in this questionnaire?

I’d be extremely grateful.

Finding out and sharing information about our age and life stage is one of the ways I can make this Village sustainable. These questions range from the way you engage with content, to your parenting styles, purchasing preferences and habits. There are quite a few of them, so please scroll past if you haven’t the time or feel you’d rather only engage in core Village content.

The responses will be entirely anonymous, but will be used to create a picture of who we are as a community and help one of my partners, better communicate with parents like ourselves. 

Thank you in advance. As always your contributions are invaluable and much appreciated.

  •   Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Every day N/A
    Cooking from scratch
    Cooking meals that are partially prepared (eg. prepared chicken schnitzel plus cooking veg)
    Cooking prepared meals (eg. freezer, ready-meal)
    Cooking for friends
    Ordering take-aways
    Eating leftovers