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What you need to know if your kid needs Roaccutane


* All advice published here needs to be run past a doctor, or medical professional. In this case, ideally a dermatologist.*

Q: ” My almost 16 year old boy is about to start treatment with Roaccutane to help clear his skin. Any advice to make it easier?”

A: ” My daughter was on Acnetret. It’s the generic, the same as Roaccutane. The only side effect was the dry and cracked lips. Get the Eucerin lip balm and encourage him to use it from the start.”

” Always see a dermatologist, as this drug requires blood tests to check kidney and liver function.”

” The generic (Oratane or Accutane) are both identical to the original and literally half the price! As for advice to make it easier: Always have eye drops and lip balm on hand as in the beginning especially, his lips and eyes will be very dry. And he should take it at the same time each day. He should also use Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer. And always use sun screen – every day even in winter.”

” Doxycyl is another good and cheap alternative but it is an antibiotic and I think to be long term on an antibiotic plays havoc with your gut bacteria. I have been on both and have chosen Oratane as a long term tablet. My adult acne is under control so I just need 1 tablet 3x a week.”

Strictly NO ALCOHOL whatsoever. Check cough syrups etc.”

” No waxing or piercings while on it!”

” Also make sure no additional vitamin A.”

” My son reacted very badly with vomiting and diarrhea. We are having success with Tetralycal (not sure of spelling) with no side effects.”

” It changed my daughter’s life. Loads of SBR cream, Blistix ( keep some in your bag, his school bag, next to his bed, in his pencil case!) It’s better to start in the winter as the sun isn’t to hectic but still wear sunscreen and cap. My daughter used the Eucerin products as well as Epimax cream and she washed with glycerine soap. We also found the generic didn’t work as well as the original but that could have been because her dose at first was very conservative.”

” Is he on concerta or Ritalin? Mine was on concerta and although the doc said not, this mom is convinced they reacted together.
Cleared up his skin amazingly in 6 months but he is stuck with a life time of sore joints. Especially knees. Google it. One of the side effects. If I could do again I would do pulse therapy: one week on and 3 off.”

” I’m not sure if you’re able to get Aquaphor (I live in Canada) (It is, Ed.) It prevents and helps with the drying and cracked problems that this medication is known for. If used liberally there is barely any drying/cracking of the skin/lips and after a few months you will notice an incredible difference to your skin.”

” No petroleum jelly!”

” Also likely to get dry eyes so eye drops are a good idea – not saline, but something that actually moisturises. Take before and after pics – in a month’s time when he tells you it’s not working, take new pics and show the improvement. The stuff does work. We are on month four and my son’s face is clear other than the odd pimple and his back is 80% improved – doc says back is the slowest to clear and takes about six months.”

” One should not be on it for more than 3 months at a time. And then a doctor should only re prescribe after a blood test etc. I was on it for 3 years for Rosacea. I was not warned of any side effects, nor was I told not to drink alchohol. I now have over 20 cysts on my liver. Be very careful.”

” This drug caused active liver failure and I ended up in cortisone (daily very high doses) with weekly blood test for over 6 months.
Blood test was done while I used it and my markers although slightly raised seemed fine . A few wks after stoping the treatment my liver started failing . This was 8 years ago and so still feel some effects today.
I also had a friend that went into a deep depression with this drug  I myself had bouts of severe depression while on the generic of this drug.
Also VERY important if your son is sexually actively please be aware Roaccutin can cause SEVERE birth defects in babies .
Having said all that it is an absolutely wonderful drug to clear your skin . It works very well.
Just be aware of all the possible side effects . Have discussions with your son about his mental state when on this drug . Do the liver function tests , continue for a month or two after stopping the medication just to be sure and practice safe sex at all times.”

” My son is a sportsman and blood tests were done and his doctor was still worried to put him on meds that can affect the liver. Instead he has been put onto an antibiotic for his skin which has made a huge difference in the first month will only need it for a few months.”


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