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When The Little Friends come to stay: The Village Lice and Nits TOTAL OBLITERATION Guide


Q: ” The little friends are back! One word to make you scratch your head right now: Lice! Little f*ckers are in my daughter’s hair which means they are in mine too. Scratch scratch. What do you use to obliterate them without making your kid bald?”

A: ” Coke… soak their hair in coke and then wash off with TeaTree lice treatment.”

” My Best Buy was an electronic lice comb sold at my local pharmacy. Pricey but if you think how much you spend on all the shampoos etc over the years, it is well worth the investment.”

” Olive oil is the bomb. The kids should. sleep with it in their hair, put a towel on the pillow and send child to school with tight bun, You keep in for at least 2 days and then comb out with lice comb. Afterwards, wash as normal….
It’s the cheapest and easiest solution! No mess, no fuss and a great hair treatment too! Afterwards the hair is shiny and soft.”

” For preventative measures, add teatree oil to shampoo! Works a charm!”

” Lysol as per box instructions, then flat iron hair. Make sure you treat bedding and all pillows too, otherwise pointless ( hot wash, tumble dry hang in sun)”

I have a robi comb – electric lice comb that zaps the critters. If you catch one it’s usually at the roots, it is immediately zapped so it doesn’t really matter if it comes out or not. There’s a sound signal, which is gruesome but satisfactory.”

” You’ve got to retreat! I got lazy and treated once then just checked the hair without retreating and the little buggers spring back. You have to retreat to kill the eggs because you are bound to miss some when combing/checking.”

” Treet-it Tea tree oil shampoo and treatment gel – comes in a box from Dischem and worked wonders for my daughter. You do have to comb though.”

” When I was at my wits end with lice-infested kids approx 2 years ago, I finally gave in and took my daughter to a lice clinic in Durban where we live. And I found out their secret to killing lice and keeping them away… drum roll please … plain old HEAT. After my daughter spent 5 long and painful hours on a barstool having every last egg picked out her hair, the lady then told me to ensure my daughter blow-dried her hair at least twice a week to keep lice at bay. So far it seems to be working!”

” This article is very helpful, scan to the end for the practical application. Tea tree oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil in a carrier oil are effective: “

” Apple cidar Vinegar and listerine put vinegar on and sit for hour with shower cap rinse same for listerine then iron dry.”

” l have found two amazing ladies if you in jhb they come to your house and do the treatment and follow ups – they can be pricey but we have had a run at our school to and those who went to them have had great results –
+27 (83) 365-0370 Precious ( she worked at nit pickers) O.R. Debbie +27 (83) 463-8584
REMEMBER You have to have have to clean your linens and home to after each infestation.”

Silicone is an absolute must! It coats the hair and prevents the lice from attaching but you have to get rid of the buggers first. Pay someone to do it for you so you don’t have the endless shrieking matches with hysterical children.”

” In Cape Town: Sherise Feldman +27 83 697 0989 She runs, a Lice destruction business that sorts it out for you. Trust me – you want it sorted!”

” The best solution is to mix equal parts paraffin (you get it from the chemist) and vinegar. You then pour it on the hair and wait 20 minutes. Then you wash the hair and comb out all lice nits. You also have to treat your carpets – steam clean after a very good vacuum, your linen a wash on 90 degree cycle, your curtains (steam clean) and your toys either freeze them, wash them or boil them.”

I tried everything and Paranix is definitely the best. The trick is to do it every week without fail for at least 4 weeks… I did maintenance spray for about 6 months after the girls had lice….out of sheer terror that it would return.”

” I’m a Lice professional! I’ve had three kids with long hair – girls with hair past their bum – we were on repeat get-rid-of-lice. I personally found Contralice quite the winner. To be honest once I found a good oil treatment I realised they are all pretty much the muchness – the trick as mentioned above is to put enough oil on your kids hair that the lice has nothing to stick to, then use the lice comb to comb it through. I would comb the hair in the morning – covered in which ever oil, tie it up in a tight high bun. Then repeat the same exercise at night. The girls would go to school with oily hair but as it was tied up in a ballerina bun, it was not an issue – when there was a severe outbreak, I would leave it like this for a week – and brush crown to ends in the morning and at night. If the lice cannot stick onto the hair shaft he can’t stick – infestation stopped, and prevents a repeat infestation.”

” Disregard all the shampoos, fancy combs, natural or chemical options. There is only one method that works. Physically removing the nits (or lice) by combing them out. Buy a big bottle of cheap conditioner and painstakingly work through segments of dry hair from root to end. Repeat. Repeat. Good light (sunlight preferably) and a huge glass of wine help.”

” Triple Orange gel… Works for the whole house, dogs, lice, dishes… Magic.

” Buy a thick mayonnaise, work into hair well, cover with a turban or shower cap on. Leave for a few hours, wash out, repeat every few hours, for a few days. Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water setting. The mayonnaise smothers the bug and loosens the eggs from the Hair. Stay away from chemical poisons.”



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