Lauren Clack Startup Strategy & Success Coaching

Lauren Clack Startup Strategy & Success Coaching

Cape Town Western Cape


I help busy, demotivated and unfulfilled women build profitable businesses without the overwhelm.

Today’s women are under immense pressure, with finances and the balancing act of work and families, being the crucial drivers of stress and unhappiness. I support women in creating businesses that offer them freedom (time, financial and emotional) and a sense of purpose. We delve into mindset and identity while also going deep into business strategy. Together we’ll equip you with the tools to build a business that works for you!

Ways to work with me:

  • One-on-One coaching and mentorship, tailored to meet you exactly where you’re at (online, or in person on request)
  • Accelerated Success Academy – a hybrid program (1:1 and group) – structured program with self paced video content together with coaching input

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Monday :08h00 - 21h00

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