Nadia Thonnard – Counsellor | Coach | Mediator

Nadia Thonnard – Counsellor | Coach | Mediator

Westcoast Suburbs Western Cape


The focus of my work rests on the central idea that we choose our behaviour, and we are responsible for what we do, think, and feel.

I have been in this field of work for over a decade and have a passion for guiding individuals back to their authentic self.

I ventured on a career change into applied psychology at age 42, and graduated with a Diploma in Counselling & Communication from the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) in 2009. I also qualified as a Family & Divorce Mediator, and furthered my knowledge with a Basic Intensive Training in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management (William Glasser International).

This led me to design the “Blueprint” model which explores human behaviour and how to create change, because in essence, “Change Begins Within”. This will then assist to shift focus to Choice and Choosing and begin this journey starting with 3 simple little words: Who am I?

Specialties: Parenting/ Divorce Related Issues/ Wellbeing/ Parenting & Co-Parenting – Counsellor/ Coach/ Mediator




Featured Services: Parenting, Divorce Related Issues, Wellbeing, Parenting & Co-Parenting, Counsellor/ Coach/ Mediator


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