Sandy Jackson Counselling

Sandy Jackson Counselling

Eastern Suburbs


I am a Counselling Social Worker in private practice in Somerset West. My passion is people. With each client I meet, I feel privileged that the person trusts me enough to share their experiences and be at their most vulnerable. I understand how anxiety-provoking this can be for clients. I could not do the work I do if I did not believe that:

Guidance – People are experts in their own lives and need guidance rather than advice;
Strength – People are resilient, strong and have their own set of skills;
Change – People are capable of change.




Featured Services: Individuals, Families, Children & Parenting, Teens & Young Adults, Parenting Co-Ordination, Parenting Plans, Parenting Skills, Divorce Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Mediation, Reunification Services, Trauma Debriefing & Support, Bereavement Counselling, Domestic Violence Counselling, Employee Wellness.


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