Shifting Perspective (Pty) Ltd

Shifting Perspective (Pty) Ltd

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I am a Conscious Parent Strategist and Child Potential Specialist

I shift moms from doubting their motherhood abilities to regaining their clarity in their boundaries and activating soul connection with the children all guilt free. I give moms a deeper understanding of themselves which leads to peace regardless of what their children are doing. I share practical proven strategies to develop accountability, respect and confidence in their children. I move moms from doubt, overwhelm and worry to feeling empowered to empower their children. I run a FREE Facebook group for moms, called the Empowered Nourished Mother where I give 2 x 10 minute masterclasses every week sharing practical strategies to focus on. Topics like Discipline, mom’s needs and emotions, building confidence, strategies for sibling relationships. Here is the link

I am a qualified NLP coach and practitioner and a qualified EFT Practitioner with over 10 years experience. I am a mom of 2 awesome sons 22 and 25 years old. My younger son who was born with severe learning challenges lead me to doing this work. My journey with him went from from being told he would never read or write to him being a functioning adult working, adding value and almost completely independent. I used NLP daily to effect the change and realized what a huge influence what I was doing as his mom had on his potential. I now share these tried and tested strategies with other moms. It is so much easier when you understand what you are doing!

Fields of specialisation:

Personal growth in moms. Working with mom’s needs and emotions, managing their doubts, worry, frustrations, shouting, reactions and fears, balancing career and family life, discipline with their children, all parent related challenges, developing respect, handling sibling relationships etc.

Divorce – handling conversations while getting divorce, How to process and maintain your emotional state, how to support your children through divorce, managing your ex, how to understand your needs and the way you show up in relationship so that you can create a better relationship going forward.

Personal coaching – a strong desire to want to work on yourself , get a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and become aware of patterns that hold you back and practical ways to shift that so that you can create the peace, joy, happiness, success and connection you want


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